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Sphagni Sandalwood (Santili) 100ml


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Sphagni Santili... better known as Sandalwood, can be thought of as a gentle Lavender and may be preferred to Lavender by some. It is the subtle 'Lavender', used when Lavender feels too strong, intense or overpowering. One use for Sandalwood is to ground 'male teenage energy'. To bring one back into the body and out of the head, to create a boundary to contain the abundance of outward energy so often seen at this time. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 12689] View more info

Urtica Urens Comp Gel 30gm


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Southern Swan's range of Anthroposophical and Homoeopathic medicines,creams and lotions are prepared according to Anthroposophical principles and dispensed under the auspices of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia. The ingredients for the medicines are derived from minerals, plants and animals. Only the finest ingredients sourced from Organic or, where possible, Bio-Dynamic origins are used. A number of plants are harvested from the wild. All potencies are produced by hand, and the products are hand-made in small batches. Urtica Urens Comp ... View more info

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Sphagni Rosemary 50ml


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Sphagni Rosemary... will awaken the senses. It will invite in the warmth process, stimulating an inner strength and uprightness. Rosemary is indicated whenever there is an under active or 'hypo' sense state. It will switch on or speed up a metabolism or nervous system that is sluggish or slow. Rosemary's warmth will enliven the circulation and get things moving again. The Sphagni will provide a protective shield or boundary, while the Rosemary will engage a dreamy child, feeling safe to come forward, to participate in and meet the world. Rosemary can have an awakening eff... View more info

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Sphagni Lavender 50ml


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Sphagni Lavendulae... is used to calm an over-active nervous system and bring one back to oneself for a feeling of balance and calm when everything feels like it is on red-alert and all the senses are heightened. Great for using before going into an intense situation and equally effective to help avoid a situation from becoming intense. Cooling to the upper pole, or nervous system, Sphagni Lavendulae provides a space for breathing out and gathering oneself back within ones boundaries. ... View more info

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Sphagni Rose 100ml


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Sphagni Rose ... allows the heart to remain open while offering a protective shield to the wearer. So often when overwhelmed or in uncomfortable and unfamiliar surroundings we close our hearts, withdraw and hunch our shoulders forward in a protective gesture.This restricts our breathing, rhythmic and circulatory systems, contributing to tension and constriction in the body. Rose is the traditional heart remedy, used to help remain open, stand tall, take part in and offer valuable contributions to our environment and the situations we find ourselves. For childre... View more info