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Image for <B>Childhood of Jesus, The </B><I> The Unknown Years</I>

Childhood of Jesus, The The Unknown Years


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Publisher: Floris Books:

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ISBN: 0863156193

The gospel accounts of the birth and childhood of Jesus have puzzling discrepancies and contradictions. In particular, Matthew and Luke give different versions of the genealogy and birth of Jesus, and of the events that follow. A long forgotten tradition held that there were, in fact, two families and two Jesus children whose destinies would come together: one from the kingly line of Solomon, and the other from the priestly line of Nathan. There are various apocryphal texts, as well as works of art, in which both children clearly occur. Emil Bock shows how the pattern and str... View more info

Image for <B>Mystery of the Two Jesus Children, The </B><I> and the Descent of the Spirit of the Sun</I>

Mystery of the Two Jesus Children, The and the Descent of the Spirit of the Sun


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Publisher: United Kingdom, Temple Lodge Publishing: 2005

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ISBN: 1902636651

col. Illustrations, col. ports. The Christian Gospels give two widely differing genealogies for Jesus, which have continued to baffle theologians throughout the centuries. Not only are these genealogies irreconcilable, but the stories of the two accounts of the birth of Jesus, as given by Matthew and Luke, are also radically different. How can this be accounted for? An ancient tradition tells that there were two children named Jesus, a year apart in age, born to parents called Mary and Joseph. These two Jesus children, brought up in close proximity, eventually 'united' in a mysterious wa... View more info

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Two Children A Study of the two Jesus Children in Literature and Art


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Publisher: United States, Lindisfarne Books: 2010

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ISBN: 1584200960

There is a long forgotten spiritual tradition that two children, both named Jesus, were born in Bethlehem to two sets of parents named Joseph and Mary. This tradition is supported by the different accounts of the nativity and life of Jesus Christ in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Although the Church chose to ignore this tradition, something of it survived in early Christian art and symbolism. The full tradition was preserved only in the literature of such esoteric sects as Gnosticism, which remained outside the official teachings of institutionalized Christianity. In The Two Childr... View more info

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Unifying Humanity Spiritually Through the Christ Impulse


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13 lectures, various cities, Dec. 1915 - Jan. 1916, CW 165 'Fundamentally, all of spiritual science ultimately aims to understand human beings in their essence, in their tasks and endeavours – in their necessary endeavours in the course of development.’ – Rudolf Steiner In the midst of the division and destruction of the Great War, Rudolf Steiner speaks of the spiritual unification of all human beings. Rather than preaching a traditional morality, however, he states esoteric facts as he perceives them, based on spiritual-scientific research. These observations relat... View more info